The Prey (2017) Soundtrack is mostly composed by Mick Gordon (DOOM) but also with help from Matt Piersall, Ben Crossbones and Game director Raphael Colantonio.

Track list Edit

  1. The Experiment
  2. Everything Is Going to Be Okay
  3. Typhon Voices
  4. The Phantoms
  5. Into the Tunnels
  6. Human Elements
  7. The Truth Will Set You Free
  8. No Gravity
  9. Alex Theme
  10. December and January
  11. Neuromods
  12. Stranded
  13. Semi Sacred Geometry
  14. Mind Games

Trivia Edit

  • Mind Games is a remixed version of previous released song with the same name by Raphael Colantonio.
  • Semi Sacred Geometry is a different version from the one found in game as the in game female voiced unlike the album counterpart featuring a male voice instead.

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