All the Easter Eggs featured in Prey (2017).

Arx Fatalis Edit

In the Crew Quarters there's a D&D game Called Fatal Fortress which has several reference to Arkane Studios First game Arx Fatalis.

Sneak Achievement Edit

The sneak achievement requires you to read most of all the emails aboard Talos I which may be a reference to the Kotaku article with uncovered mails about the re-imagining of the game.

Corvo Container Corporation Edit

Named after the protagonist Corvo Attano from Arkanes Dishonored series.

Looking Glass Studios Edit

The Looking Glass technology is most likely referencing the famous Looking glass Studios whom pioneered interactiv sim formula with games such as System Shock and Thief.

Movie posters Edit

The movie posters found around Talos I contain many anagrams for developers from Arkane such as Raphael Colantonio and Ricardo Bare.

0451 Edit

The passcode to Morgan Yu's office door 0451 is a famous passcode as its always the first doorcode in Deus Ex and and first vault in Dishonored.