This page lists all Easter Eggs featured in the 2017 game Prey.

Game ReferencesEdit

Arx FatalisEdit

In the Crew Quarters, the role-playing board game called Fatal Fortress has several references to the first game of Arkane Studios, Arx Fatalis.

Antoinette SokolEdit

The author of Hands-On Electronics is a reference to Anton Sokolov, a character from Arkane Studios' game series Dishonored. Sokolov is a genius inventor who conceived many electrical devices powered by whale oil.

Corvo Container CorporationEdit

The company shares its name with Corvo Attano, first protagonist of Arkane Studios' series Dishonored.

Looking Glass StudiosEdit

The Looking Glass technology references by name Looking Glass Studios, the game developers who pioneered the immersive simulation game genre with series such as the System Shock and Thief. In the same vein, the first passcode given to the player, 0451, is a continuous reference in the immersive sim genre. The code is always used as the first passcode in a game, starting from the System Shock series to the Deus Ex, BioShock and Dishonored series as well as other games sharing the same genre.

Arkane Studios ReferencesEdit


There's a postcard in Morgan's closet in the Neuromod Division stating "Greetings From Austin, Texas". Austin is where the game was developed, which can be interpreted as the developers welcoming the players to the game.

Movie postersEdit

The movie posters found around Talos I contain many anagrams of Arkane Studio's developer names such as Raphael Colantonio and Ricardo Bare.

Press SneakEdit

The Press Sneak achievement, which tasks players into reading emails of Talos I employees, as well as its name, references to an incident dated back from May 2013. At that time, the game news website Kotaku reported from leaked emails that Bethesda tasked Arkane's Austin studio into rebooting the Prey series, 3 years before the official reveal. Shortly after, Arkane's director Raphael Colantonio instructed his team through an email to not answer to game journalists regarding the new game, calling them "sneak press fucks". The achievement is meant as an humorous nod to it. [1][2]

Movie ReferencesEdit

2001: A Space OdysseyEdit

There are several references to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. The Escape Pod's design is a subtle reference to the escape pods in the spaceship Discovery One.[3] The Low-G transporter found in the G.U.T.S. are also similar to the same autonomous vehicles from the movie. Finally, the server in Deep Storage used to monitor and track TranStar employees, recognizable for its red eye, references the central computer of Discovery One, HAL 9000.[4]


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