Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack Infographic

Infographic of the pack's content.

The Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack is a downloadable content pack acquired only with pre-orders and first edition physical copies of Prey. It was released alongside the game on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 5, 2017.

Its content can be collected in a locker in Morgan Yu's Office on Talos I Lobby as soon as Morgan Yu has access to it.


The Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack contains:

  • The Margrave, an unique Shotgun with gold engraved details but no added bonus
  • 4 Shotgun Shells
  • Shotgun Shells Fabricator Plan
  • 3 Neuromods
  • 2 Medkits
  • 1 Recycler Shielding (*) 19.4GHZ Chipset
  • 3.00 Mineral Materials
  • 3.00 Synthetic Materials