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The Poltergeist is a hostile Typhon encountered on Talos-1 during Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

Occasionally, Weavers aren't successful in their attempts to reanimate husks. In these cases, rather than creating a Phantom, the result is a Poltergeist. They lurk out of sight, waiting for the right moment to hurl objects or throw their victims into the air.[1]

The Poltergeist is the only known Typhon with the ability to render itself invisible. With this ability, they're masters of ambush. Poltergeists are lurkers; they find a place within their environment and haunt it. Sometimes a Poltergeist won’t even be hostile, and you might only notice it when it starts to play with objects in the environment or when throws something across the room. At other times, a Poltergeist might inexplicably choose to attack you with a levitation spell, which sends you floating a few feet off the ground, making you easy prey for other aliens. The Poltergeists slip in and out of the visible spectrum, which makes them a difficult enemy to get a bead on.

Design Edit

They look like a deformed version of the phantom.

Strategy Edit

Ways to counter attack it includes firing the GLOO cannon until it is caught, or at least fire a few shots before it blips out of vision so you can track it.

Gallery Edit


  1. Game Informer #85: Contained, but Not Tamed

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