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"The TranStar PPN-8 Pistol is the standard issue weapon for all TranStar security personnel. Small, fast, and quiet, this pistol provides satisfactory damage while maintaining a degree of stealth."


Silenced Pistol
Firing range::
  • Unmodified 15m
Firing modes::


  • 2 Mineral Material
  • 1 Synthetic Material
Featured in::

Prey (2017)

The TranStar PPN-8 also known as the Silenced Pistol is a ranged weapon found on Talos I during Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

Morgan finds the weapon on the corpse of a fallen security guard. On the backside of the Pistol there's a small screen showing the overall number of ammo in the inventory and the magazine. The weapon seems to to use a toggle-lock action, as a portion along the top of its upper frame is seen bending at angle and moving backwards to eject a fired round. During its empty reload, Morgan can be seen pulling a small handle on the side of the pistol in order to cock the action and chamber a new round.

Unmodified. Firepower: 8, Magazine Capacity: 15, Range: 15m, Accuracy: 60%.

Modified +1. Firepower: 9, Magazine Capacity: 17, Range: 20m, Accuracy: 65%.

Artemis Golden Pistol Edit

The Artemis Golden Pistol is a rare pistol that can be acquired aboard Talos I that once belonged to the four-time world champion sport shooter, Seleth Rain before giving it to Captain Jada Marks.

The gun is not only cosmetically different akin to the Margrave but also a higher damage with an unmodified:10.

Usage Edit

The pistol seems to be a reasonably accurate firearm, with a rather high magazine capacity. To offset these traits, it appears to deal relatively low damage per shot. Since ammo production is pretty cheap, range is rather good and firespeed can be extremely high (LMB spam) fully upg. pistol (or even golden vesion) is the strongest weapon in the game, allowing player to kill even Nightmare in few seconds.

Material Yield: 0.75 mineral, 0.25 synthetic

Dismantle Results: 1 Spare Part

Gallery Edit

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