"The TranStar PPN-8 Pistol is the standard issue weapon for all TranStar security personnel. Small, fast, and quiet, this pistol provides satisfactory damage while maintaining a degree of stealth."


Silenced Pistol
Firing range::
  • Unmodified 15m
Firing modes::


  • 2 Mineral Material
  • 1 Synthetic Material
Featured in::

Prey (2017)

The TranStar PPN-8 also known as the Silenced Pistol is a ranged weapon found on Talos I during Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

Morgan finds the weapon on the corpse of a fallen security guard. On the backside of the Pistol there's a small screen showing the overall number of ammo in the inventory and the magazine. The weapon seems to to use a toggle-lock action, as a portion along the top of its upper frame is seen bending at angle and moving backwards to eject a fired round. During its empty reload, Morgan can be seen pulling a small handle on the side of the pistol in order to cock the action and chamber a new round.

Unmodified. Firepower: 8, Magazine Capacity: 15, Range: 15m, Accuracy: 60%.

Modified +1. Firepower: 9, Magazine Capacity: 17, Range: 20m, Accuracy: 65%.

Material Yield: 0.75 mineral, 0.25 synthetic

Dismantle Results: 1 Spare Part

Artemis Golden Pistol Edit


The Artemis Golden Pistol is a rare pistol that can be acquired aboard Talos I that once belonged to the four-time world champion sport shooter, Seleth Rain before giving it to Captain Jada Marks.

The Artemis Golden Pistol differs from the common variant bu dealing slightly higher base-damage. Apart from that, it appears to simply be a re-skin of the standard pistol, similar to the unique Shotgun, the Margrave.

Usage Edit

The pistol is best to use against weaker enemies, or when fighting enemies that are capable of flying, and thus able to stay outside of shotgun range. However, the pistol is probably best used as a sidearm and back-up weapon, as it expends ammunition incredibly fast and takes quite some time to bring most enemies down.

It is an excellent tool for remote destruction of objects, as the inherent value of a single pistol bullet is much lower than that of a single shotgun shell, though this isn't something one would frequently engage in during the game.

Trivia Edit

  • The Security Guards among the survivors in the Cargo Bay remark that the pistols are "mostly for show", and that they don't seem to do much against the enemies they are facing. This is certainly true if one assumes that each guard only carries somewhere around 3 magazines total, as often the case with real-world security guards, as the pistol does very little damage and one often blows through a full magazine just to take down a regular enemy.
  • The first pistol that can be found, if following the story strictly, is actually a mimic (unless something has caused the mimic to move, which sometimes happens), but nearby there is a real pistol. The player can spot both pistols before entering the room, if they angle themselves correctly.
  • If one was to use a pistol on a real space station, one would likely use ceramic- or plastic bullets designed to shatter or flatten upon impact with a hull. This doesn't seem to be the case with the PPN-8.
  • The PPN-8 is likely not suppressed for stealth-reasons, but rather because indoor gunshots are incredibly loud, and the guards are not at liberty to wear ear-protection at all given times.
  • In the year when the game was released, it remained incredibly unusual to make weapons with integrated suppressors, but already around the year 2000, suppressors became seriously popular and in-demand with range-shooters and hunters. Suppressors started making their way into the civilian markets around the same time, and in 2017, the United States Marine Corps declared that they regarded it as a goal to outfit all of their infantry rifles with suppressors. It isn't at all an unlikely prediction that suppressors might become perfectly ordinary in the future.
  • The PPN-8 features a charging handle to arm the pistol with, which is incredibly unusual as most modern auto-loaders are charged by racking a slide or by cocking a hammer. Charging handles are mainly at home with sub-machine guns, and this suggests that the platform of the PPN-8 might be shared with a micro sub-machine gun of some sort, as it bears some mechanical semblance to the tech-9.
  • Contrary to the description of the PPN-8, the PPN-8 is actually not a very small pistol at all, but rather very large for a full-sized pistol. This makes sense, because concealable weapons on a space-station would be a very bad idea, and there is no good reason to issue standard security personnel with compact pistols.

Gallery Edit

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