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  • Pyrokinesis (Thermal)
  • Toxic Clouds (Etheric)
  • Duplication (Etheric)
  • Electrokinesis (Voltaic)
Appears in::

Prey (2017)

The Phantom also known as Typhon Anthrophantasmus by its scientific name is hostile Typhon encountered on Talos I during Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

Phantoms are humanoid Typhon that were crew members whose bodies were corrupted by Typhon DNA by the Weaver's, and turned into alien soldiers. Instead of walking or running, they teleport from one location to another. This ability makes them very dangerous to fight with, as they can teleport right behind Morgan and are hard to hit. Phantom also have ability called Kinetic Blast, which can push Morgan away. Morgan can obtain this ability through neuromods. They come in three types - thermal, etheric and voltaic. They can also be created by Morgan with the ability Phantom Genesis.

In Gameplay, player will encounter some Phantom that has the nicknames of Talos I staff which player need to defeat it to gain some items that are linked to objectives.

Types Edit

  • Thermal Phantoms are can light the environment on fire. Can be scanned for the Superthermal power.
  • The Etheric Phantom creates duplicates of itself and emits toxic clouds that damage normal matter. Can be scanned for the Phantom Shift power. 
  • The Voltaic Phantom shocks your system with a barrage of lightning-based attacks. Can be scanned for the Electrostatic Burst power.

Design Edit

Phantoms look like black, shadowy, humanoid creatures. They look similar to humans, except they are hunched over, have necks that are slightly elongated forward, and like all Typhon, appear to be made of a black, tendril-like substance. They also possess two white glowing patches in place of their eyes, and their limbs are thin and slender. As a result of this and their tendril-like body structure, their arms appear to be almost tentacle-like. Voltaic Phantoms have the addition of crystals sticking out of their backs that emit electricity. Thermal Phantoms are smoldering and engulfed in flames. Etheric Phantoms emit clouds of purple, poisonous gas.

Strategy Edit

The GLOO gun is extremely effective in pinning a Phantom down and allowing you to kill it with relative ease. Should it free itself, simply re-GLOO it again and continue attacking.

Shotguns are able to deal a lot of damage to them, especially after using the GLOO gun to help close the distance, making it easy to handle them. Just be conscious of your Ammo. It also effective since if player uses Shotgun on point-blank range, the Phantom will sometimes stunned and fall down.

Turrets are variably effective. While able to kill Phantoms in seconds, it is easy for a single Phantom to teleport to a turret's blind spot and destroy it just as quickly. Contrasting Mimics, the player cannot simply rely on turrets to deal with Phantoms.

Gallery Edit

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