From: Jiao-Long Heng
To: Sylvain Bellamy
Subject: Personality Drift Results

Dr. Bellamy,

Here are the results from today's personality test. I'm seeing some drift over the last few trials, compared with previous results. This isn't the first time. I'll let Alex know. Most recent test is pasted below for reference.

You're planning a vacation. Go somewhere familiar you know you love, or try something new?
(b) New

You've been sentenced to death for your actions. How does this make you feel?
(c) Calm. It was worth it.

A runaway train is bearing down on five people who are tied to the track. You can cause the train to switch tracks, but there is one person tied to the second track.
(a) Switch tracks.

A runaway train is bearing down on five people. You're standing on the platform next to an enormously fat man. Pushing him into the track would stop the train.
(b) Do nothing.

A runaway train is bearing down on five people tied to the track. You could stop the train by jumping onto the track, but you would die.
(a) Jump on the tracks.

Jiao-Long Heng

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