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Operators are hostile bots encountered on Talos I during Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

Operators are bots that operate Talos-1 more tedious tasks, doctors, engineers, scientists, secretaries, etc. However since the outbreak of Typhon aliens on the station they, like many of the other inhabitants of the station, have since fallen victim of the resulting chaos many of them being damaged and as a result can now spew fire from a leaky fuel line.

Design Edit

Operators are roughly rectangular shaped floating robots that have small robotic arms coming out of them. They were designed to perform menial tasks on the station such as repairing the station crew's suits, healing them of injuries, and restoring their stamina.

Strategy Edit

For a large portion of the game, it goes against Morgan's best interests to destroy or fight against the floating machines. Depending on what type of operator they are, they'll much needed aid for Morgan and his efforts. Depending on what the situation is like with their inventory making the trek back to a operator with what Morgan needs might be better then using up valuable space on his inventory or using precious healing items.

That said once the Operators do start breaking down, dispatching them might be Morgan's only choice. However with the Machine Mind, and Repair skills Morgan can turn these rogue operators into precious few valuable allies Morgan has on the station.

Gallery Edit

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