Neuromod Secret Ingredient is a TranScribe in Prey.


From: Halden Graves
To: Alex Yu
Halden Graves: Alex! I figured it out. Just... too late.

Alex Yu: Graves? Are you still in fabrication?

Halden Graves: The receptor cells, exotic neurotransmitters... we didn't synthesize them. And... there's no terrestrial source!

Alex Yu: Graves, don't do anything drastic. You know me. You know I always have a contingency plan.

Halden Graves: We've been... shoving it into our skulls. It all comes from them. But you... you never -

Alex Yu: I'm going to send someone to help you.

Halden Graves: I need to get this out now. Oh god but - the Neuromods. They can still be fabricated...

Alex Yu: Graves! Do not touch the Neuromod licenses. Do you hear me?


This Transcribe can be found on a table in Halden Graves's office in Fabrication, Neuromod Division.