The Neuromod Division is where all the Neuromod-related research is conducted aboard Talos I in Prey (2017).

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Morgan Yu's apartment replica was made here and this is where you will start the game.

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  • Fabrication
  • Research & Design
  • Skill Recorder
  • Simulation Lab
  • Volunteer Testing
  • Volunteer Quarters

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Halden Graves' Workstation Edit
Rich Ivers' Workstation (use Disruptor to access) Edit

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Caleb Hawethorne's Workstation Edit
Jovan Gravilovic's Workstation Edit

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Demetri Bowser's Workstation Edit
Evelyn McCarthy's Workstation Edit
Jiao-Long Heng's Workstation Edit
Marco Simmons' Workstation Edit
Morgan Yu's Apartment Edit

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Junior Bookman's Workstation Edit

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John Haskins' Workstation Edit

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