"What the hell? These things look part-human."
Tommy after witnessing Mutate. [src]
  • Melee
  • Charge
Appears in::


Mutate is hostile Sphere denizen that appears in Prey.

Overview Edit

Born of the melding of the DNA of human and alien victims of the living Sphere. The Mutate is a surprisingly nimble opponent despite its bulky frame, and possesses a massive claw that it uses to impale its enemies in a spinning attack. But they have poor lateral agility so it is very easy to dodge them when they charge.

Design Edit

Mutate is made of two creatures. The left side is a chubby looking human that still has functional arm. The right side is reptile looking worm creature that has human-like teeth and mandibles. It also a giant claw. Left Mutates leg is reptile-like looking , while the right one still looks like a human one. Down the waist there's two containers with liquid inside of them connected to the Mutate.


  • In Prey Invasion a specific mutate demonstrates the ability to spit explosive vomit.
  • In Prey, you will meet your first Mutate on Level 13.


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