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"To make this right... someone has to die."
Morgan during gameplay trailer. [src]
Morgan Yu
Biographical information


Gameplay information
Appears in:

Prey (2017)

  • William Yu (father)
  • Alex Yu (brother)
Real World information

Morgan Yu is the main protagonist of upcoming Prey (2017) reboot. Depending on player's choice, Morgan can be male or female. They are of Chinese and German descent.

History Edit

Background Edit

Not much is known about Morgan's background. It is believed that they grew up with their brother Alex Yu and that their family has been in the space program for a long time. By at the most 2032 Morgan was being employed by TranStar industries in the testing of experimental Neuromod's and shortly thereafter was transferred to it's orbital space station Talos-1 where over the course of the next three years they would become part of the leading scientific team inventing the Psychoscope and getting their own office in the process.

Early on a Typhon that managed to breach containment caused Morgan to conclude that the Typhon were too dangerous to be allowed to live and tried to stop the experiments. This led Alex to take extreme measures to incapacitate Morgan. Alex had Morgan's first Neuromod's removed which as a side effect also erased their memory of the events which took place after they had them installed which when paired with a elaborate simulator of his apartment complex led them to believe that they were still on earth in 2032 wherein they would be used as a test subject for more neuromod's.

At some point in time Morgan figured out what was happening and escaped, but foreseeing that they would be captured again, they reprogrammed a Operator that they named January to help them future amnesiac self by doing things such as planting neuromod's that would be able to help Morgan fight their way out of the station, before being recaptured and having their memory erased once more.

Prey 2017 Edit

One day, Morgan awoke for another round of testing and was led through a simulation of Sanfransisco into a testing chamber. The tests implied that Morgan was suppose to be testing Alien Type Neuromods, but for some reason had yet to receive them. Near the end of the test cycle Morgan witnessed Sylvain Bellamy being attacked by a Mimic and was rendered unconscious. Awaking the next day in their apartment once more Morgan stumbled upon the corpse of Patricia Varma and makes their wrench into a crude weapon of self defense.

As Morgan escapes from the lab they witnesses and battle against Mimics and Phantoms learning that they are on Talos-1, a space station owned by TranStar, which is under attack by Typhon. January makes contact with Morgan and leads them back to their office, and to more neuromods, where a video explaining part of the situation plays, before being abruptly cut off by Alex Yu.

Personality and skills Edit

Morgan is highly intelligent and resourceful person being able to hack various devices on Talos-1 and even reprogramme an Operator for their needs. They also are adept in various weaponry and tools ranging from a wrench to a shotgun or a GLOO Cannon.

Trivia Edit

  • Morgans second name could be an indirect reference to Corrinne Yu, American game programmer that on one point worked on the iteration of original Prey in 1998.
  • Even though Morgan can be heard talking in the trailers, he's mute in the game.

Gallery Edit

Promotional Edit

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