"Oh my god. I think we just lost two labs."
Miyu Okabe after hearing an explosion. [src]

Miyu Okabe is a Looking Glass technician working on Talos I during Prey (2017).

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Miyu Okabe was a Looking Glass technician working in Hardware Labs. She helped Lorenzo Calvino with his micro lens array project and works with him in the looking glass workshop. During the Typhon outbreak on Talos I, Garfield Langly contacts her, asking if everyone is still working there as he notices an increased presence of security. Miyu answers that she was working in the lab all day and hadn't paid any attention to what was going out side. As she looks through the window a loud explosion is heard and Miyu says that they just lost two labs. She then ends the conversation.

Miyu shows attitude to Dr. Calvino and often ends her sentences with "I guess". Dr. Calvino is typically frustrated with her in return since his illness causes him to forget what he has told her to do, making it difficult for them to work together. In developer files, she is stated to outright despise him.

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Her corpse is found by Morgan Yu on the second floor of the Hardware Labs atrium near the elevator. Judging by her blood trail, she appears to have been wounded beside the looking glass workshop and then died trying to reach the med bay.

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  • In the game files, Miyu's surname is Sato.

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