Mixed Signals is an optional objective in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

January will contact Morgan and offer Mixed Signals under the following conditions[1]:

  1. Morgan has already encountered the Nightmare.
  2. Morgan has invested several neuromods in acquiring Typhon powers. The exact number is currently unknown.

If you are performing a playthrough using only human abilities, this objective is not available.[1]

Completing this objective allows Morgan to summon or repel the Nightmare using a TranScribe recording. Use caution, as the Nightmare can hunt you during the mission.

Objectives Edit

  • Find a satellite communication device.
  • Place the device on the satellite in the Exterior.
  • Satellite uses remaining (4).


Morgan must go to Hardware Labs. Repair III is required to fix the control console which will allow the satellite inside the Moon Door to be accessed.

Another way to access is using the mimic skill. There is a little hole on the door and you can enter through it. You can also shoot the button inside the Moon Door through the same hole using the Huntress Boltcaster.

The Satellite Psychotronic Transistor is on this satellite. Once it is removed, Morgan must proceed to the Exterior, and place the Satellite Psychotronic Transistor on a satellite that is orbiting Talos I.


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