The Mind-Controlled Humans are enemies found aboard Talos I during Prey.

Overview Edit

Mind-Controlled Humans are Humans whose minds have been completely taken over by Telepaths (who can usually be seen near them). They wander around Talos I, speaking to themselves, trying to get the Telepath out of their head, to no avail. If they detect Morgan Yu, they will run at them and unleash a strong Kinetic Blast, knocking out Morgan's PSI abilities and killing themselves in the process.

However, they can be freed by either knocking them out with the Disruptor Stun Gun, using Mindjack or killing the Telepath that is controlling them.

Strategy Edit

  • The GLOO Cannon is extremely effective at pinning them down and letting you scan, kill or knock them out, without having to worry about them charging at you and killing you.
  • A single shot from the Disruptor Stun Gun is enough to knock them out instantly.
  • Melee isn't the best idea due to their kinetic blast, unless you used the GLOO Cannon on them.
  • Mindjack will also knock them out.
  • You can also kill the Telepath, though you should do it from a safe distance and place where they can't reach it so that they can't attack you.

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