Mimic Matter is a Typhon ability gained through the use of Neuromods in Prey (2017) once the player has the Psychoscope.


Mimic Matter lets Morgan Yu turn into everyday objects, like a cup or a dumpster. While in this form, Morgan can move around the environment, solve puzzles and even use other abilities. The ability is gained by researching Mimics. As long as Morgan stays still, enemies will not be able to find him.

Ability tiersEdit

Tier IEdit

Tier I of Mimic Matter lets Morgan turn into small items, like a cup.

Tier II Edit

Tier II of Mimic Matter lets Morgan turn into slightly more complex machines, like turrets. It requires 4 neuromods.

Tier III Edit

Tier III of Mimic Matter lets Morgan turn into complex machines, like Operators. It requires 5 neuromods.


Prey Mimic Madness Trailer01:11

Prey Mimic Madness Trailer

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