Million Dollar Caulk Gun is a side quest in Prey (2017)

Overview Edit

Jose Costa was tasked with sealing a minor hull breach in order to restore atmosphere to the exotic materials storage areas within Psychotronics. I completed his work and the blast doors sealing off those areas opened.

Objectives Edit

  • Seal Hull Breach
  • Access Exotic Material Storage

Walkthrough Edit

Backtrack to the door to Labs B and go upstairs. Right above the entrance to the Atrium that you came through earlier, you’ll find an airlock. Activate the airlock and step outside.

Follow your HUD around to the right and down. The hole in the hull is buried behind a bank of solar panels on the side of the station. Maneuver your way down and plug the hole with your GLOO Cannon, then follow your HUD back to the Psychotronics airlock.

Make your way back to the Materials Storage Subject Holding room. Just stepping inside the door will complete the objective, but there’s plenty to find inside. There are, however, some Typhon lurking around that you’ll have to deal with first. Once they’re dispatched, sweep the room for a ton of exotic material — 50 units or so.

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