"Don't hide. I'm programmed to assist Talos I crew in evacuation procedures."
Military Operator [src]

The N-CN9 Blackbox Military Operator is a weaponized operator found onboard of Talos I in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

The Military Operator is a top-secret offensive Operator. They fire long-range energy beams.

Military Operators can be hacked, but they require much more GLOO to subdue than other Operators. Hacking them also requires Hacking IV, whereas other Operators only require Hacking II.

Military Operators begin appearing during the later story mission The Keys to the Kingdom.

Description Edit

Excerpt from TranStar Operator Brochure Edit

The N-CN9 Blackbox Military Operator is the world's most advanced unmanned multi-role fighter. Armed with a state-of-the-art MAG-directed energy weapon and an OMNI navigation systems, the Military Operator is never short on firepower. From assault operations to security detail, the innovative Synthetic Hyperdynamic Neural Network ensures the Military Operator is quick to respond to developing and dangerous situations.

Morgan's notes Edit

TranStar's been covering their tracks about these. Don't want to look like a arms-tech company. They're probably wired into Talos I's security system. Could track me using the station's security rosters. Might be a way to get rid of my tracking bracelet.

Gallery Edit

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