"Oh god Morgan, I... you surprise the hell out of me sometimes."
Mikhaila Ilyushin if given medicine [src]
"Dos Vedanya"
Mikhaila Ilyushin when you decide to go down with the ship
Mikhaila Ilyushin
Biographical information



Unknown (Real Mikhaila)

Determined (Operator)

Gameplay information
Appears in:

Prey (2017)


Chief Systems Engineer

Real World information

Mikhaila Ilyushin is chief system engineer working aboard Talos I and appears in Prey (2017).

History Edit

Background Edit

Mikhaila dreamed of exploring stars as a cosmonaut like her father once did, but had to leave those dreams behind as she was diagnosed to have a rare neurological condition, Paraplexis. When her father disappeared she did everything to find him which led her to working aboard talos I in hope of finding her father even disguising her condition. She was in a brief relationship with Morgan Yu, who ended it before beginning neuromod trials due to the possibility of the memory loss effects placing a strain on the relationship.

Prey (2017) Edit

Mikhaila appears being clinically injured at Power Plant at the entrance of an airlock. If the player saves her, she will make her way to Morgan Yu's office and remain there. The player will have 80 minutes upon contact with her to bring her medication, and she will die if the player goes to Talos I exterior and returns without bringing her medicine.

On the after credit scene, she appeared as an Engineer Operator and she is the one that will give Alex Yu authorization to start over the simulation once player fails the game whether it was LGV 3.1 or 3.5 based on Dayo Igwe's judgement about player's Empathy Quotient. She will comment on him saving her with the medicine and letting her hear her father's message.

Quests Edit

  • Mikhaila's Medicine
  • Mikhaila's Father

Personality and skills Edit

Gallery Edit

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