Quinten Purvis: You sure about this? Not too late to flush it all out an airlock, you know.

Annalise Gallegos: I'm sure. Are you having second thoughts?

Quinten Purvis: No way. I'm in. It's just... I'm not the one incriminating myself.

Annalise Gallegos: There's no happy ending for me, either way. I'm trying not to think about it.

Quinten Purvis: Sorry.

Annalise Gallegos: Did you make arrangements?

Quinten Purvis: Mitchel's on board. He's going to bring me food-

Annalise Gallegos: I don't need to know the details. Better that way. It has to happen on your next rotation. I put everything in a package labelled "Mementos". The package is in my cabin. It's got to go to every media outlet imaginable.

Quinten Purvis: Got it.

Annalise Gallegos: And, Quinten? Be careful. Security's already scrutinizing me more than usual.