Mathias Kohl is a counselor working on Talos I during Prey.



Mathias Kohl worked as a counselor on the station. His patients included people like Lorenzo Calvino, Sarah Elazar and Danielle Sho. He also tried to help Josh Dalton managing his conflict with Lane Carpenter, but to no avail. In one of his emails, Kohl shows concern towards Calvino's mental instability and agitated behaviour during their sessions and decides to bring this to Alex Yu. Kohl notices that an increasing number of employees from both Psychotronics and the Neuromod Division suffered from anxiety issues and planned to alert Alex about it. He was also responsible for creating the behavior test. He appears to have been tortured by Chief Surgeon Hendrik DeVries on Alex's orders for the whereabouts of Morgan's recorded sessions.


Morgan Yu finds Kohl's corpse inside DeVries's suite in Crew Quarters. His disfigured face suggests that a Mimic killed him while he was still being interrogated, although DeVries escaped. Kohl carries 4 Medkits.

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