"Miyu. This is Dr. Calvino. I'm feeling ill. Not myself today. I think I won't be in for my shift at all."
Lorenzo Calvino [src]

Lorenzo Calvino was the inventor of looking glass screen while aboard the Talos I.

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Lorenzo Clavino is a high ranking scientist aboard Talos I. He's best known for creating a Looking Glass technology. At some point he started to work on a new micro lens array with Miyu Okabe. His transcribe suggests that Calvino began to suffer from side effects caused by neuromod removal, like agitation, memory loss and mental instability even though he doesn't recall having neuromods removed. This suggests that either neuromods were being removed without him knowing it or Calvino began to suffer from Alzheimer. This is backed up with transcribe found in Mathias Kohl office and few other messages found in Calvino's room.

Prey (2017) Edit

Morgan Yu looks for his key card in order to gain access to his workshop in Hardware Labs. They found him dead in a Hardware Lab breach.

In Calvino's lab, Morgan can also retrieve Calvino's special thermos. When put on the weighing machine on Calvino's desk, it unlocks Calvino's secret safe containing a Neuromod and the card unlocking his room in the Crew Quarters. This also unlocks the hidden "Coffee Break" achievement.

Calvino's DreamEdit

Morgan can find a recording of Kohl and Calvino's discussing the latter's dream, in which he sees a dark shape on his Looking Glass screen and feels like the shape wants to cross the screen and come to Calvino's side.

Incidentally, Morgan can live a situation reminding of Calvino's dream. When going into Hans Kelstrup's conference room, Morgan can finish his Looking Glass' calibration. A Phantom will instantly appear on the screen before it turns off, and when trying to exit the conference room, Morgan will encounter a Phantom, as if the Typhon had crossed the screen.

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