Resolutions is the nineteenth level of Prey.

Synopsis Edit

Tommy reaches the top of the Spindel where Jen is being kept.

Storyline Edit

Tommy reaches a giant room full of portals. Mother explains that only one of them will take him to Jen. After some more taunting from Mother, she removes all of the portals and illuminates one of them. Tommy steps through it and gets closer to Jen's location in the Spindel. He then encounter waves of Harvesters, Hunters and Mutates. After the mutates are dispatched, Mother opens a portal, which leads to Jen. Tommy finds her in a strange pod. When the pod opens, its revealed that Jen was made into Creature X. After a tough fight, Tommy defeats the creature and kills Jen. Enraged, Tommy asks Enisi to transport him to the Land of the Ancients.

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Visual Walkthrough

Trivia Edit

  • Creature X special variation, Girlfriend X is fought in this level.

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