Ascent is the seventeenth level of Prey.

Synopsis Edit

Tommy must travel to the top of giant building called The Spindel in order to save Jen.

Storyline Edit

Tommy uses a Hunters hand to get through pass a locked door. There he's contacted by Mother who informs that he is inside "The Spindel", a hundred miles tall tower also showing the layout of the building by a projection. Tommy is at the bottom floor, while Jen is at the top. He then gets inside a shuttle and ascent the tower. On his way he hears another Art Bell's show segment in which researcher Greta Caldwell theorizes that the current abductions are related to the disappearance of the ancient Anasazi.

Tommy then encounter large Hunter and Drone forces, but he manages to fend them off. He then hears another segment from Art Bell's show revealing that the aliens move from planet to planet, taking food as they need it from worlds seeded by them. He then fights a group of Harvesters before exiting through a portal.

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Visual Walkthrough

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  • Art's Bell guest, reveals more background on Keepers and the Sphere.

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