The Complex is the sixteenth level of Prey.

Synopsis Edit

Tommy reaches a giant complex and must navigate it in order to rescue Jen.

Storyline Edit

Tommy reaches a giant complex inside the Sphere that he must navigate in order to reach Jen. On his way, he overhears another clip from Art Bell's show. Security systems and Sphere denizens try to hinder his journey, but Tommy manages to overcome them. Eventually, he becomes trapped in a box, but manages to escape it. Tommy manages to find a shuttle and use it to leave the complex.

Walkthrough Edit

Visual Walkthrough

Trivia Edit

  • One of Art Bell callers from Finland, reveals having dreams about Tommy on the Sphere and the Keeper.
  • Tommy has another glimpse of Creature X.
  • The level contains a secret room with health, ammo, and a talking wall mouth.

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