Following Her is the fifteenth level of Prey.

Synopsis Edit

After witnessing the abduction of Jen, Tommy goes after her.

Storyline Edit

Tommy goes after the abducted Jen. The Sphere denizens try to hinder his progress, but he manages to reach an elevator and gets to the second floor. He overhears another clip of Art Bell's show. After getting to the second floor, Tommy is contacted by Mother, calling him "a very persistent ant". He then must fight a wave of Harvesters. After the tough fight, Tommy continues to navigate Sphere. Eventually, he reaches a portal that leads to a complex.

Walkthrough Edit

Visual Walkthrough

Trivia Edit

  • When Tommy walks into a dark corridor, he will say "Man, so dark in here. I'm doomed". This is a reference to Doom 3 and its dark corridors.
  • Another clip of Art Bell's show is heard. This time a caller by the name of Ron Vatero living East of the Rockies, tells a conspiracy theory about aliens before being cut. This a reference to fan Lon Matero and his Prey website.
  • In this level you get the Crawler Cannon.

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