The Old Tribes is the eleventh level of Prey.

Synopsis Edit

Tommy meets the leader of the Hidden and find more about their origin.

Storyline Edit

Tommy continues his journey, encountering a pair of Hunter snipers on his way. After taking care of them he hears another clip from Art Bell's show. Tommy then encounters more resistance in the form of Hunters and flying variant of Harvesters. He eventually reaches a shuttle and uses it to disable a giant fan in order to reach his destination. Tommy's destination is revealed to be secret base of the Hidden. There he meets with their leader, Elhuit, which explains that just like Tommy, they were too kidnapped from Earth and try to find a way to come back ever since. They managed to build a portal, but in order to make it work they the brain scan of a Keeper. To do this they need Tommy to find and kill a Keeper. After some persuading, Tommy agrees.

Walkthrough Edit

Visual Walkthrough

Trivia Edit

  • The Hidden leader, Elhuit makes her debut.
  • Another clip of Art Bell's show is heard. This time a sherriff's deputy from Carlsbad, New Mexico talks about weird lights dancing around his car and then vanishing into thin air.
  • Flying Harvesters make their debut.

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