Rites of Passage is fourth level of Prey.

Synopsis Edit

After near death encounter, Tommy travels to the land of his ancestors where he reunites with his grandfather.


The level starts with Tommy appearing in somekind mountain range. He then sees Talon hes pet hawk that he had when Tommy was little. He then follows Talon till he reaches a fire place. Then Enisi spirit appears explaining that he is in The Land of The Ancients. Tommy then again follows Talon climbing the stairs and reaching a cavern which he enters. Tommy sees a fire pit that he can't go through. Enisi explains that he need to use hes spirit to cross the flames. Tommy then learns spirit walk and crosses and extinquishes fire. He then proceeds to another cave. There Tommy find circle of fire and in the middle of it a bow. He uses again hes spirit walk ability and takes the bow. Enisi then says that the bow must be replenished with the spirits of Tommy fallen enemies. Enisi sends Tommy back to the physical realm, explaining that Talon will be hes eyes and ears upon hes return ending the level.

Walkthrough Edit

Visual Walkthrough


  • Tommy gains Spirit Bow.
  • Tommy gains the spirit walk ability.
  • Tommy gains Talon.
  • Enisi returns as a spirit in The Land of The Ancients.
  • There are no enemies in this level.

Gallery Edit

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