"Alika, this is Kirk Remmer. We're in escape pod eight nine. Everyone is secured, but the launch controls aren't responding."
Kirk Remmer to Alika James. [src]

Kirk Remmer is a security officer working on Talos I during Prey (2017).

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After Typhon break containment, Remmer goes to Cargo Bay where he meets Kevin Hague, Ekaterina Mulsaev, Alfred Rose, Sam Hertz, Darcy Maddox, Austin Cool, Tamiko Hayashi, and Chief Elazar. Together with Erica Teague they decide to mount a rescue operation in order to save the remaining survivors. Eventually with a group of survivors they reach escape pods, only to find them to be malfuntioning. He contacts Alika James in order to get some help on the pods, but is then killed by one of the Phantoms and turned into a Phantom himself. He then chases off the rest survivors led by Teague.

Prey (2017) Edit

Morgan Yu finds Remmer Phantom remains, in the Escape Pod Bay in the lower level of Life Support. He carries Typhon organ, spare parts, Recycler Charge, broken cooler fan, TranScribe and his tracking bracelet.

Trivia Edit

  • Phantom-Remmer may not appear. Tracking him may fail when in Life Support. This also means that the quest "Where's Kirk?" cannot be completed. It seems that the player needs to have received the quest, via listening to Alika James' Transcribe (found on the Bridge, not near her corpse), before they go to Life Support, for Remmer to appear. Alternatively, the cause of the disappearance may be if the player first enters Life Support after the station is put into lockdown.

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