"Psychotronics data. Priority tag. Delivery node Occam LSDS-3."
Kaspar when approached by Morgan. [src]

Kaspar is a military operator and alongside Walther Dahl attempted a hostile takeover of Talos I.

Overview Edit

The player must destroy Kaspar to release the Operator Dispensers from Dahl's control, and also to resume the upload of the Coral data in Alex Yu's office. Alternatively, Kaspar can be hacked and turned friendly, and this will accomplish the same goal, having Kaspar relinquish control of the dispensers and no longer lock down the station systems.

Kaspar's position in the station can vary. Such positions include being outside in different spots of the exterior, or inside the station in Neuromod Division or Hardware Labs. There will always be additional Military Operators guarding Kaspar.

It is implied that Dahl has a strong bond with Kaspar, as he will almost immediately ask where Kaspar is, after his mission is wiped from memory, provided Morgan incapacitated Dahl instead of killing him.

Bugs Edit

  • While destroying or hacking Kaspar will relinquish Dahl's control over the operator dispensers, some will still remain hacked for unknown reasons, notably the Engineering Operator dispenser in Psychotronics next to the Morgue, and the Engineering Operator dispenser in Cargo Bay. It is near to a door where cargo is carried through to the G.U.T.S. area.
    • They may also continue to generate Military Operators, even if Dahl and Kaspar are subdued.

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