"I think that's the director of the lab. Hmm - I have the sense he resented you. Unfortunate."
January after Morgan kills Thorstein's Phantom. [src]

Jorgen Thorstein the director of the Hardware Labs on Talos I during Prey (2017).

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When Lorenzo Calvino calls in sick, Thorstein gives the Looking Glass presentation that Calvino had been scheduled to do. He leaves Thaddeus York his office door code in his absence. Thorstein also emails Thaddeus to keep an eye on Franklin Goode, who had been spending a lot of time on personal projects and recreational pursuits, on suspicion he would use the Artax Propulsion System to access unauthorized areas. Thorstein offers to give new Recycler Charge fabrication plans to Lily Morris and orders Franklin to move the psychotronic transistor elements from the old satellite into the new one, but neither gets done due to the Typhon breaking containment. 

When the Typhon attack occurs, Thorstein calls Thaddeus to meet him in his office so they can evacuate and tells Thorstein to bring a Gloo Gun and anything else he can find, such as exotic material and neuromods. Thaddeus does not make it to Thorstein's office, and Dr. Thorstein is also presumably killed by the Typhon. 

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Jorgen Thorstein can be encountered as a Phantom in his office.

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  • After the encounter, January will state, randomly, that Thorstein either admired you or resented you.
  • There is a children's drawing posted in his office that implies Thorstein may have a wife and daughter.
  • According to the developer notes, "Jorgen is in his 50's. He's the Director of the Hardware (Prototype) Labs, has a PHD in Materials Science. Divorced. Grandfather. Has Swedish family background. Was part of the team that created the formula for the goo gun material. Probably what got him promoted / hired. Has a private room in Crew Quarters."

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