"Hello Morgan. I'm January twenty thirty five. I'm an Operator. There are many Operators aboard Talos I, but none of them are like me."
January introducing itself to Morgan. [src]

January is a reprogrammed Operator that guides Morgan Yu through Talos I in Prey.

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January is a modified Operator created and modified by Morgan Yu to remember everything they forgot over the Neuromod extractions.

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When Morgan Yu discovered that they were being made to relive the same day of their life over and over again through the repeated injection and removal of Neuromods by their brother Alex Yu, they took drastic actions to break free from the cycle. Morgan secretly reprogrammed an Operator with the call sign "January" to act as a sort of back up of themselves in the event they were captured and their memories erased again, directing it to help their future self destroy Talos I along with all research on the Typhon.

Morgan was eventually forced back into the simulation lab, leaving January to make preparations by hiding Neuromods around the station and gathering resources. When the latest Typhon outbreak began January seized the opportunity to rescue Morgan by replacing their next round of Nueromods with blanks, leaving Morgan's memory of the previous day's events intact. It then e-mailed Morgan in their apartment warning them they were in danger, and reached out to help them escape the simulation and get back to their office. There January was able to bring the current Morgan up to speed on recent events.

Prey (2017) Edit

January serves as a guide for Morgan via transcribe, helping them navigate their objectives and offering insight into topics Morgan has forgotten. January resides in the relative safety of Morgan's office and is armed with a Disruptor Stun Gun for self-defense. Typhon generally ignore or stray away from January, but it is not an essential character and can be destroyed in the right circumstances (or if Morgan attacks it).

Shortly after first meeting January "in person", Morgan is contacted by another custom Operator called December which claims it was designed to help Morgan escape Talos I using Alex's personal escape shuttle. It eventually asks Morgan to meet it in the foyer of the Nueromod division, however if January is still functional it will beat Morgan there and destroy December. January insinuates December was unreliable, being either a defective leftover from Morgan's early plans or a trick sent by Alex to derail Morgan's mission.

Later in the game January comes up with a way to help Morgan deal with the Nightmare through the objective Mixed Signals.

As the plot progresses Alex shows Morgan a video of their "original" self where it is revealed Morgan developed a device called the Nullwave Transmitter in case the Typhon ever broke containment. In theory, the Nullwave would kill the typhon organisms but leave the station and survivors unharmed. The original Morgan was adamant their knowledge of the typhon be preserved in case Earth were ever attacked, a notion January struggles to reconcile with its directives. Eventually January dismisses the idea as too risky, noting just because that version of Morgan came first it doesn't mean they're right.

At the end of the game, provided both parties are alive, January and Alex will have a confrontation on the bridge. If Morgan has chosen to destroy Talos I January will knock Alex unconscious, dooming him to die in the explosion. However, if Morgan decides to deploy the Nullwave Transmitter, January will deny Morgan access to the activation console, forcing Morgan to destroy it. If Morgan has both primed the self-destruct and set the transmitter then Alex will end his argument with January by shooting it.

January's primary directive is not to allow any Typhon genetic material escape Talos I and endanger Earth. If Morgan has completed the mission Incapacitate Dahl and primes the station self-destruct January will applaud them for finding a way for the survivors (if any) to escape. However, if Morgan has injected themselves with Typhon-based nueromods then January will inform them they would pose a threat if they returned to Earth. January then contacts Dahl over transcribe and, masquerading as Morgan, tells him "I'm not going to make it" and to save himself. The time Morgan has to evacuate is reduced from seven minutes to three, making escape exceptionally difficult if they haven't completed December's objective to unlock Alex's personal escape shuttle in the Arboretum.

Having been programmed by one of Morgan's more benevolent incarnations, January approves when the current Morgan helps survivors around Talos I. It comments negatively when Morgan harms innocents, preferring instead to give those still alive hope in their final hours. It argues against Morgan using Typhon-based nueromods, acknowledging their power but pointing out they've led to nothing but disaster. It pleads with Morgan not to lose sight of who they are or their goal to protect humanity.

Trivia Edit

  • January will speak in a male or female voice in accordance with Morgan's gender.
  • January is capable of disobeying and exceeding its directives, and even states being able to do so. This makes it unique among its kind, though it is still largely bound by its programming.
  • If the player chooses to destroy January early in the game it will not respawn. When looted players will find a note from the previous Morgan and a neuromod. When destroyed later, you will find spare parts and a Psi Hypo, hinting that January may have been a science operator before Morgan Yu reprogrammed it.
  • Though January had managed to stay hidden, e-mails reveal Danielle Sho and Alex Yu had become aware Morgan created an unauthorized Operator with access to station protocols. Sho was waiting on authorization to begin a search when the Typhon broke containment.

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