The TranStar Corporation commissioned several high profile artists to create works exclusively for Talos I, the orbital research and development facility that was brought us the Neuromod and many other technological wonders.

Renowned Belgian sculptor Fredrick Smaart sculpted the work "Smoke Signals" which forms the centerpiece of the employee dining hall.

The installation artist simply known as "Jessie" constructed the chain of marbled glass panels which soar gracefully overhead in the Talos I Lobby. And former street artist Patryk O. designed a series of exclusive posters for TranStar featuring impressions of orbit, eclipse and other celestial themes in his signature geometric style. He also developed the Neuromod promotional image featuring the likeness of actor Daisy Prince.

TranStar President Alex Yu, commented, "Art inspires, fires our creativity, makes us look beyond our present circumstances to what might be possible."

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