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Prey – Official Gameplay Trailer

Prey – Official Gameplay Trailer

Set in an alternate future where John F. Kennedy was never assassinated, Prey is a sci-fi thriller that takes place on the Talos I space station. You play as Morgan Yu, an unwitting subject of alien experiments aboard Talos I. During one such test, everything goes awry. All of the humans aboard the station have been overrun by the Typhon aliens and you’ll have to do anything it takes to stay alive. Using alien technology, you’ll need to shoot, adapt, and mimic your way to freedom. This guide will prepare you for survival.

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Most of the enemies you’ll encounter aboard the Talos I will be Typhon aliens. Each Typhon you encounter will have strengths and weaknesses. Get the upper hand against them by reading about each type here.

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Divided into two categories, Morgan’s abilities can be invested into Human or Alien skill trees. Human abilities cater to science attributes such as hacking and engineering weapons. The alien tree offers an abundance of supernatural skills.

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Weapons and Gadgets

Your fight for survival aboard the Talos I will be accompanied by some innovative technology at Morgan’s fingertips. Classic melee and projectile options are available, but most of Prey’s arsenal is more ingenious and clever. Learn more here.

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Meet Morgan Yu

Morgan Yu was at one point the Vice President of Research aboard Talos I. The younger brother (or sister) of TranStar CEO Alex Yu, Morgan’s path to becoming an unknown participant in alien experiments is shrouded in mystery, but the experiments have given Morgan unique alien abilities. However, Morgan will soon find out that there is a price to pay for becoming part alien...

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