"Much better than the old wrench."
Tommy [src]
Hunter Rifle
Primary fire::

Automatic rifle

Secondary fire::

Sniper rifle

Firing range::

Long to short range

Rate of fire::
  • fast, low damage, low ammo consumption (automatic)
  • slow, moderate damage, high ammo consumption (sniper)
Featured in::


Hunter Rifle is an automatic weapon which Tommy gains after killing a hunter during the events of Prey. Tommy takes the weapon from a killed hunter in level Downward Spiral.

Overview Edit

An automatic weapon which fires bolts of energy at a medium rate. Secondary fire causes an appendage to emerge from the weapon and attach itself to Tommy's eyeball, augmenting his vision with a zoomed-in "scope" view. The zoom can be further magnified too. In this mode, creatures glow brightly when the targeting area passes over them, making them highly visible. Also, while zoomed, the Rifle fires only single shots which are very accurate and deal much more damage per shot (DPS), but also consume more ammo per shot. The damage per second (DPS) is, however, higher in automatic mode, than in sniper mode.

Trivia Edit

  • During idle animation, Hunters Rifle scope appendage will detract and look around it's environment before retracting back to the weapon.

Gallery Edit

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