Demian Linn: I can hear the Weaver through the walls. Son of a bitch is gloating, I know it. How you holding up?

Rory Manion: I dropped a couple of Nightlights to lure the phantoms away. Put sticky notes on every godamn thing I'm sure isn't a mimic. You?

Demian Linn: Good. Safe inside the armory. Squashed a mimic that slipped in, but that's it. I got everything sealed tight.

Rory Manion: What's our plan?

Demian Linn: Wait for rescue?

Rory Manion: Ha. You know - if we made it, Alex is just going to pull our mods.

Demian Linn: You want to remember this shit?

Rory Manion: I think we could get out through the guts. Work our way to the Arboretum.

Demian Linn: (Deep breath) Okay. Say the word.