Hardware Labs is the research and development wing aboard Talos I in Prey (2017).

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Hardware Labs is the source of all new technological advancements, weaponry and gadgets on Talos I. At some point Morgan Yu worked here and had a hand in creating many of the devices.

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  • Atrium
  • Ballistics Lab
  • Beams & Waves Lab
  • Demonstration Stage
  • Director Thorstein's Office
  • Dr. Calvino's Workshop
  • Foyer
  • Machine Shop

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  • Through the Glass Darkly

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  • Breach Access
  • The Blackbox Project

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Thaddeus York's Workstation Edit
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Director Thorstein's Office Edit

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Mary Malinaro's Workstation Edit
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Missing Personnel Edit

A total of 15 missing TranStar personnel can be found here:

  • Aime Schmidt
  • Clive Lawrence (Phantom)
  • Conrad Birchman
  • Franklin Goode
  • Gregory Kepner
  • Hope Ellis
  • Jorgen Thorstein (Phantom)
  • Lane Carpenter (Phantom)
  • Miyu Okabe
  • Nickie Tannar
  • Peter Coleman
  • Randall Wood
  • Sean Larsen
  • Thaddeus York
  • Titus Kromwell

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