"The receptor molecules, exotic transmitters... we didn't synthesize them. And... and there's is no terrestrial source!"
Halden Graves to Alex Yu [src]

Halden Graves is a Neuromod engineer working on Talos I during Prey (2017).

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Halden Graves was a lead Neuromod engineer on Talos I. Despite having access to a large store of exotic material in Fabrication, Graves was unaware of its source until a report from Psychotronics prompts him to investigate. When he finds out that the exotic material used in Neuromods is extraterrestrial, he brings his concerns to Alex Yu in a panic. Alex warns him not to do anything drastic, and says he is sending someone to help. Regardless, Graves overrides the Fabrication door locks and puts a fail-safe on the Neuromod fabrication license in order to stop anyone from creating more Neuromods. Graves' actions trapped several staff within Fabrication when the Typhon outbreak happened.

Prey (2017) Edit

Morgan Yu finds Graves' corpse in his office. He carries a burnt circuit board, spare parts, EMP Charges and a psi hypo. On the desk beside Graves there is a surgical tray with gauze and 2 scissor-like surgical tools, which are covered in blood. There is a bottle of Old Sardar bourbon behind him as well. Graves seems to have tried to perform a Neuromod extraction on himself.

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  • Exotic Material Storage

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  • Graves probably plays the bass since he has an electric bass guitar in his office.

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