"The receptor molecules, exotic transmitters... we didn't synthesize them. And... and there's is no terrestrial source!"
Halden Graves to Alex Yu [src]

Halden Graves is a Neuromod engineer working on Talos I during Prey (2017).

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Halden Graves was a lead Neuromod engineer on Talos I. Despite having access to a large store of exotic material in Fabrication, Graves was unaware of its source until a report from Psychotronics prompts him to investigate. When he finds out that the exotic material used in Neuromods is extraterrestrial, he brings his concerns to Alex Yu in a panic. Alex warns him not to do anything drastic, and says he is sending someone to help. Regardless, Graves overrides the Fabrication door locks and puts a fail-safe on the Neuromod fabrication license in order to stop anyone from creating more Neuromods.

Prey (2017) Edit

Morgan Yu finds Graves' corpse in his office. He carries a burnt circuit board, spare parts, EMP Charges and a psi hypo. On the desk beside Graves there is a surgical tray with gauze and 2 scissor-like surgical tools, which are covered in blood. There is a bottle of Old Sardar bourbon behind him as well. Graves seems to have tried to perform a Neuromod extraction on himself.

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  • Exotic Material Storage

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  • Graves probably plays the bass since he has an electric bass guitar in his office.

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