Zachary West: Ivy. What is it.

Ivy Song: How's it coming?

Zachary West: I can't get this damn thing open. Where's Danielle?

Ivy Song: Still not answering. What's wrong?

Zachary West: Danielle's tied the lock to her voice. We need her to speak the key phrase, or we're not getting in here.

Ivy Song: Would voice samples work? TranScribe recordings?

Zachary West: Yes - if they have the right words. Or if we gathered enough to map her voice to a consonant and vowel list and started running patterns...

Ivy Song: I'll see if I can find her. Or her TranScribe. I'll check her room first.

Zachary West: All right, Ivy, but... look, don't do anything stupid. Ivy? Ivy. Shit. Dammit, Danielle, where are you.