Lan Nguyen: You were looking for me?

Matthew Connolly: Yeah, What's the story on Mikhaila's office?

Lan Nguyen: I filled an incident report.

Matthew Connolly: I'm sure it's a page turner, but I don't have time. I need to get a crew on the other side of that breach.

Lan Nguyen: So what's the problem?

Matthew Connolly: Problem is, it's blacker than my butthole at the bottom of a well in there.

Lan Nguyen: The grounding resistor malfunctioned. Swap a new one and you should have your lights. Is that all?

Matthew Connolly: Hey, you sound rattled. What's up?

Lan Nguyen: I tried replacing the resistor yesterday. 

Matthew Connolly: And?

Lan Nguyen: And it just... melted into some king of goo. Smelled like fried ass.

Matthew Connolly: Shit Lan. That's not in the report is it?

Lan Nguyen: I need to get some sleep. My shift's over anyway. Maybe you'll have better luck.