"Lady, do you people even know what is happening down here?"
Gerald to Alika James [src]

Gerald Wildman is a quartermaster working on Talos I during Prey (2017).

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Gerald Wildman worked as quartermaster in Cargo Bay aboard Talos I. He got a message from Sylvain Bellamy that Dayo Igwe was temporarily assigned to his area. Gerald contacted Enoch Kouneva, Ash Lasair, Diane Washington, Eddie Voss that Chlorine Trifluoride has been delivered to the Cargo Bay.

During Typhon breakout Gerald was contacted by Alika James because he's Kirk Remmer's supervisor asking what she should do with Kirk's SOS signal. Gerald answers that he has his own problems one of his cargo bays blown wide open causing many casualties. Alika then asks if she should relay his message to Dr. DeVries, but Gerald cuts off. He then takes the rest of his people to Life Support as a precaution.

Prey (2017) Edit

Morgan Yu finds Gerald's corpse in Cargo Bay's staging area on a platform above a corridor with an open fire. Its implied that Gerald tried to hid from Typhon by climbing up on a high platform. He carries EMP Charge fabrication plan, wrench and additional random loot.

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