"Hey, It's Langly. Are you... uh... is there anything weird going over there?"
Garfield Langly asking if Miyu Okabe noticed anything weird. [src]

Garfield Langly is a scientist working on Talos I during Prey (2017).

History Edit

Background Edit

Langly is contacted by Laurel Davis who tells about Anders Kline death. He calms Davis down and tells her to stay put as he goes to look for Sarah Elazar. Later, Garfield contacts Miyu Okabe, when he notices an increased presence of security. He asks her if everything is okay in the Hardware Labs. Miyu answers that she was working in the lab all day hadn't paid any attention what was going out side. As she looks through the window a loud explosion is heard and Miyu says that they just lost two labs. She then ends the conversation.

Prey (2017) Edit

By the time Morgan Yu encounters Langly, he's already turned into Phantom and roams the Trauma Center.

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