The Gelifoam Lattice Organism Obstructor or GLOO Cannon for short is a tool found on Talos I during Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

The GLOO Cannon is a versatile tool, which shoots quickly-hardening glue. The tool can be used for trapping foes where they stand, covering exposed flaming pipes and surging electrical boxes, or providing an interesting new path. The GLOO Cannon is not lethal and will not kill trapped hostiles by itself. 

Weapon UpgradesEdit

The GLOO Cannon is a "non-standard tech weapon" and therefore requires Lab Tech I and II to fully upgrade.

Stat Unmodified
Incapacitation Rate 100% 120% 150% 180% 225%
Handling 33% 45% 60% 75%
Range 9m 12m 15m 18m 21m 24m
Reload Speed 100% 120% 145% 175%

Usage Edit

The GLOO Cannon is mainly used for trapping hostiles for closer examination or to close the distance to open fire or smack them with the wrench, disabling environmental hazards or creating makeshift paths to areas that were inaccessible before. 

It can also be used to create short-lived makeshift barriers to block doors or impede the path of smaller Typhon such as a Mimic who will have trouble traversing around the impedance, or in front of cystoids who will either be trapped or will detonate on the GLOO bubble, killing themselves in the process.

An important note is that GLOO from the GLOO Cannon will not stick to Glass nor other GLOO Bubbles, bouncing off and cooling where they land.

Material Yield: Mineral icon 1.50, Synthetic icon 1

Dismantle Results: x3 Spare Parts

Trivia Edit

  • GLOO Cannon is one of the first weapons shown in Prey (2017) announcement trailer.

Gallery Edit

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