Frank Jones is a flight engineer working on Talos I during Prey (2017).


Background Edit

Before the Typhon outbreak, Frank persistently harassed Emmanuella DeSilva for lunch, implying he was heavily infatuated with her. Emmanuella rejected his advances, telling him she doesn't like being called anything other than Emmanuella after he calls her 'Em'. He also emails Scott Parker, frustrated with his problems apparently holding him back.

During the Typhon outbreak, he found out that the Escape Pods were malfunctioned due to the wrong parts being delivered. He contacted Emmanuella (although he first made a mistake and sent an email to Emmanuel Mendez instead) and they hid together in the escape pod he managed to fix in order to escape. However, the hatch bolts misfired and couldn't do anything but sit and starve.

Prey (2017) Edit

As soon as Morgan enters the Escape Pod Bay in the Shuttle Bay, they contact them in order to help him and DeSilva escape by destroying the hatch bolts in the exterior. Morgan can choose to help them escape or let them die by launching the escape pod without getting rid of the hatch bolts, causing them to crash and die.


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