Kirk Remmer: Alika, this is Kirk Remmer. We're in escape pod eight nine. Everyone is secured, but the launch controls aren't responding.

Alika James: Did you follow all the steps on the launch card exactly?

Kirk Remmer: Yeah. The klaxon even sounded, but the hatch won't close. We can't seperate.

Alika James: Hang on... I'm looking at the schematics. There should be a remote sensor on the explosive bolts...

Kirk Remmer: Alika... please hurry.

Alika James: I see all the leads, but... wait. This can't be right...

Kirk Remmer: Can you launch us from there? Can you at least close the goddamn hatch?

Alika James: Uh... no, I don't think so. Is there a manual crank of some short? Remmer? Remmer, do you copy?

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