"Negative, Remmer - Remmer isn't Remmer, Chief. These things... Chief, the main lift - it isn't working - we're locked out. O my god. Remmer. Remmer's here. Stay away, stay away-"
Erica Teague final words [src]

Erica Teague is a security command officer on Talos I during Prey (2017).

History Edit

Background Edit

Erica Teague worked as security command officer aboard Talos I. After Typhon break containment, she goes to Cargo Bay where she meets Ekaterina Mulsaev, Kevin Hague, Alfred Rose, Sam Hertz, Darcy Maddox, Austin Cool, Tamiko Hayashi, and Chief Elazar. Together with Kirk Remmer they decide to mount a rescue operation in order to save the remaining survivors. Eventually with a group of survivors they reach escape pods, only to find them to be malfuntioning. They are then attacked by Typhon and only Teague with three other survivors manage to escape. The remaining survivors are then killed by Phantoms, led by Kirk Remmer Phantom.

Prey (2017) Edit

Morgan Yu finds Teague's corpse in the corridor leading to Cargo Bay. Black splatters around the hallway suggest that she was killed by Typhons as she tried to save other survivors. Teague carries suit repair kit, 9mm bullets, a note, TranScribe and Silenced Pistol.

Gallery Edit

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