Engineering Operator [src]

The Kobold 410 Engineering class Operator is a variation of the Operators you can find on Talos I.

Overview Edit

The Engineering Operator restores the player's full Suit Integrity, and is a suitable alternative to a Suit Repair Kit. Like other Operators, dispensers for Engineering Operators are located throughout Talos I, especially on the lower decks.

Description Edit

Excerpt from TranStar Operator Brochure Edit

Designed with precision craftsmanship for the dangerous vacuum of space, few utility robots can measure up to the TranStar Kobold 410 Engineering Class Operator. Equipped with two GenSENSE manipulators and a swappable utility arm with a full array of tools, there's little the Engineering Operator can't fix.

For more heavy duty work, each Engineering Operator comes standard with industrial-grade OMNI navigational systems capable of deftly maneuvering cargo containers in zero-g environments.

Morgan's notes Edit

Can be found wandering the station, especially on the lower decks. Good for patching up holes in my suit.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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