"We need to check this out cause I'm starting to think there's something on the station that we don't know about."
Elias to Sarah Elazar regarding strange sightings of unknown entities. [src]

Elias Black is a security officer working on Talos I during Prey (2017).

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Elias worked as a security officer aboard Talos I. At some point he find out about Yuri Kimura stealing Neuromods and started to blackmail him. Elias also began to suspect that there's something else on the station besides them and contacted Sarah Elazar about this. Elias was also part of the group for a D&D game called Fatal Fortress along with Abigail FoyZachary WestEmma Beatty, and Danielle Sho.

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Morgan Yu finds Elias corpse inside Teleconferencing Center in the Lobby. Elias carry repair kit, Silenced Pistol ammo fabrication plan and 9mm bullets. A Silenced Pistol lays near his corpse.

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  • Although dependant on the route taken, players will likely get their first Silenced Pistol from Elias Black.

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