Dayo Igwe: This is Doctor Dayo Igwe, my last words. Oxygen is short, I estimate I only have... minutes left. I thought I detected someone passing by, but it may have been my last hopes - running away with me. First, to those of Earth - my theories were correct. Psionics are possible, and the Talos databanks will proce this out. Second, we are not alone in the universe. I have evacuated Talos in light of what appears to be an alien... manifestation. They are demonstrating psychic abilities on a scale... on a scale not even I had imagined. If only... Maya, I wish you could have witnessed this. I have met Leitner, you know. His... skills, I could have played for you. But... taken away. Just as you were. And now the others on the station - so many. Such a waste. I assume this sarcophagus will drift at the LaGrange point indefinitely, but I cannot be sure without an exact measurement of Talos' mass. What will earth be like when the ashes of my re-entry drift down to the surface?

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