Dr. Igwe's Wife is a TranScribe in Prey.


From: Marco Simmons
To: Halden Graves
Marco Simmons: Running checks - Sim Lab's secure... well except for Igwe, but he'll be up all night... speaking of up, did you see the photos of his daughter Maya?

Halden Graves: That's not his daughter, it's his wife.

Marco Simmons: Are you kidding me?

Halden Graves: No, she died... well, when Igwe was younger. It's in his records.

Marco Simmons: Christ. You've seen his records?

Halden Graves: Yeah, during the security checks, looking for those red flag psyches that the brass is up in arms about... Apparently came home, found her dead on the floor. Aneurysm. Spend your life studying the brain, and the brain takes its toll. With everything else going on at the time with the shaming-

MarcoSimmons: Christ.

Halden Graves: You already said that, but I don't think he heard you. He's not looking at this station, that's for sure.


This Transcribe can be found on a table in Halden Graves's office in Fabrication, Neuromod Division.